About Us

The first Coco Wolf spark was ignited on a hot evening in 2013. Whilst sipping on a chilled glass of white, seated on our generic outdoor furniture, we decided that something was missing from the setting. Inside our homes we had carved an interior style that represented every aspect of our personalities, but extending this beyond the four walls of our homes seemed like a difficult task.

As a family with a passion for design and the great outdoors, there seemed no better project to put our minds to. For the next 18 months we lived amid a world of prototypes, rigs and vigorous testing, all in a bid to build a solution to the problem, and to deliver an elegant product that would sit comfortably outside year round, but retain as much style as the pieces we all grow to love inside our homes!

In 2014 the vision was finally realised, and we created several collections of outdoor furniture that were as striking as their indoor counterparts. Through love, sweat and perhaps even a touch of desperation, we have been able to create some pieces that will sit cosily within a huge gap in the market when it comes to exterior furnishing.

With our products, your interior design need not be limited by a door to the outside, but it can seamlessly flow into your exterior space, giving you somewhere to enjoy day or night, rain or sunshine, summer or winter.

We welcome you to join with us, as we embark on a journey to create a world of luxurious living outside.